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Thanks! Yeah, I do remember I had Pokemon Blue, and one of those 31 in 1 games which included Tetris and Super Mario, lol. I didn’t play that one a lot, as I got the Game Boy Color not long after.

Hey there
This community is new, so I figured we could do with some introductions. Hi! I'm from Spain, born last century, the first console I ever owned was a Game Boy Pocket and that's enough clues about my age. Vegan for almost 3 years now, still haven't died of nutritional deficiencies, so I'm probably doing something wrong. I started doing advocacy and some activism online soon after I went vegan, but I recently joined a local activist group and became a challenge 22 mentor, because shit's not gonna fix itself. Time to do something about animal abuse, aside from not participating in it. Uhh... Yeah. If you need someone to chat with or vent about carnists saying dumb shit in your vicinity, HMU. I gotchu.