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Local-only, sustainable, ethical cat-meat herder and farmer. Ethical Felinotarian.

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me sprinkling nooch on popcorn

Getting swole thinkin bout those beans.


They got us

Yeah I don’t think that domain exists.

No not here, this one is for vegans only.

Whoa that’s incredibly based. I’ve been putting off watching that, but I hear its solid trek. One more reason.

Holy fuck i miss pokemans. Even though i wasted so many summers on them.

Tetris is like one of the two games i still play w/ my partner. If we play more than like 3 games tho i start dreaming about the blocks going down and always landing in the right place. 🤗

It means you eat cat meat. We use it to troll carnists and and their inherent speciesism.

Hopefully some will come over from reddit and the vcj discord.

Thank. Gotta be reppin felinotarianism for all those unaware

Hey, great to have u! Damn i haven’t played game boy pocket in a long time… u remember which games u had for it?


lol. Society would be so fucked without trace amounts of blood and turds in our potato chips.

They forgot to own the vegans, dumb bastards

Just me atm, but I’m in talks with a few of the mods from vegan subreddits to see if they’d like to be mods. Figured why wait, might as well start building this now.

This is the first vegans-only Lemmy server: its a collection of memes, serious, cooking, and discussion communities for all things vegan. If you're unfamiliar with lemmy, you can read more about it [here.]( Simple version: its a reddit alternative, but one we entirely control. More complicated: Its not just a reddit alternative, but one which "links up" with other lemmy servers, to form a web-like network, where you can subscribe to communities on other servers, and talk with others. Think of how someone signed up on gmail can email someone signed up on yahoo. Check the sidebar of the main page for all the communities we currently have, but many more are in the works.

Vegan BTW - A Vegans-only Lemmy server.
We're just getting started, and brainstorming on some new communities to start. Felino/caninotarians welcome!