How do some of of you have so many fucking comments?
Seriously, I have had a Lemmygrad account for like 10 months and some of you have had accounts for less than half that time and have like tons more comments than me. Feds? Bots? Or do I just underestimate the amount of time some people spend on here? lol


December 2022 · Discussion Thread
Yo! it's ya gal Ratette 🐀 Kanz made the foolish mistake of trusting me to post this months discussion thread so here it is. This is like the seventh one now so I wanna see chats, discourse, discussion, comradery and all manner of nice things. Authoritarian rule: - In this thread you may discuss anything (vaguely) related to anime with others! As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them here, or send us a private message (if you have to 😒). Ja ne! 😊 ![](

How has theory affected your life?
I've been unemployed for a while with an unstable housing situation that's just made it all the harder to get a job. I've been reading a lot(it's been a driving force behind me transitioning from demsoc, or radlib, to being an ML), but I've also noticed a change in my outlook. I have PTSD, and suffered a lot from depressive episodes. But the more I learn, the fewer episodes I've had. I no longer view the world as a hell that I had to get through just to feel the occasional spark of joy. Getting rid of a lot of the individualist thought that I had before has changed my viewpoint. I now know, that with other principled people, that the world doesn't have to be this way, that it's changeable, and that we've got much of the strategy for how to do so already laid out for us. It's made me much more optimistic than I had been, ready to face the struggles of the world because I know that we can change it.

The amount of dog whistles here is fucking ridiculous, so let me translate. "Welcome to AssClownWiki. We're a collaborative encyclopedia dedicated to the restoration of fascism by putting reactionary politically backwards workers, and more importantly, the bourgeoisie they support in power and killing gay people. A government for cis white hetero neurotypical land owning men shall engage in moralism and ignore Marxist ideas! This Wiki is run and managed by a singular member of the nazi community, but has no formal affiliation to the nazi party thereof. Please consider giving me money and writing hate speech! We are hated by actually principled Marxist-Leninists, we are fascists but we dont like saying that. We are pretending to be Marxists and basically are what Trotskyists think MLS are."


How do you convince libs China is less authoritarian than the US?
I’m “debating” a Liberal who thinks “Marx had some valid critiques of capitalism” and “the US has done some bad things” but isn’t great on AES. I sent them the recent post showing that China doesn’t block western media, and they said that it only shows one computer and smart people can get around blocked stuff, and I explained what it actually shows before they said “China is still more authoritarian than the US and my personal freedoms aren’t stopped by my government” (note: all of these are paraphrases, but I don’t think I’ve strawmanned anything). So, what are some solid examples of the average citizens in socialist countries having more “freedom” than in capitalist countries?

Nintendo is fucking over the smash community again
So since I play at ssbm tournaments I feel this is important to tell some of you comrades. For anyone unaware Nintendo has canceled the Smash World Tour, which encompasses multiple smash bros tournaments, some huge, some smaller. This is in cooperation with Panda, the two are being assclowns basically. What this means is that most of the Majors and Supermajors (large tournaments) coming up will most likely be canceled. Nintendo has even threatened to arrest people because we have no "license." Nintendo hates melee and right now were in danger. Never thought i'd be harassed by police at smash events not just protests. Anywho...